UPDATE: Timeline for Bond Referendum Additions/Alterations/Renovations



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Riverhead Local and the News Review received an early tour of the fruits of a massive summer construction season. Take a look at their summaries:

By Denise Civiletti @ RiverheadLocal

The halls of both the high school and middle school are buzzing with activity and excitement in the last days of summer as construction workers put the finishing touches on new additions and extensive renovations to both buildings, while maintenance crews clean and polish, teachers and staff unpack and set up and wide-eyed students arrive for orientation sessions.

“It’s a very exciting time,” Superintendent Nancy Carney said as she led a tour of the two buildings, where students will be greeted with some pretty dramatic changes. >More

# # # #

By Nicole Smith @ News Review
When Riverhead High School students go back to school Tuesday, they’ll be welcomed into a brand-new building featuring more classrooms and programs.

Upon driving up to the school, parents will find a new roadway loop near the main entrance where they can drop off their children. Buses will continue to take students to the back entrance, which is being beautified with a new courtyard complete with plants and benches.

Visitors will also find new security measures when entering the building. After visitors are buzzed in, they have to sign in before they are allowed to pass through a second set of doors leading into the new atrium. >More



(September 4, 2015) On Friday, September 4th, 7th grade students and their parents were invited to tour the Middle School. Principal Andrea Pekar welcomed the new students and eighth grade students led tours of the building. Extensive updates and renovations have been made at the middle school.

Last year the building received a new roof, an additional elevator and the library was completely renovated and equipped with new tables and chairs, shelving and desks, computers, smartboards and a laptop center. Over the summer, science classrooms were renovated and updated, a new art room, home careers room and music rooms were added. The cafeteria was enlarged and a new up-to-date stage was installed. Another colossal change included replacing all of the original single pane windows.

New sidewalks, a third elevator and other ADA updates were added. All new lockers were installed. In addition, new desks, tables and other equipment were added to new and renovated classrooms. Additional parking and a new parent drop off loop at the back building were added.

Athletic fields are currently under reconstruction. Later this spring, the portables at the middle school will be removed. PPS has moved to the South Portables at the high school. >Original Checklist of Changes Needed

(September 4, 2015) On Friday, September 4th, 9th grade students came to the high school to get a look at their newly renovated school. RHS Student Government and class officers acted as tour guides.

The high school now has a beautiful two-story glass atrium in the front of the building. Visitors will be asked to check in at a window and obtain a visitor’s pass in the area between the front entrance and a second set of doors in the two-story addition before entering the building.

This dramatic two-story addition to the high school houses 15 new classrooms, four new, state-of-the-art science labs and administrative offices including attendance, guidance, the principal and assistant principals, school psychologists and secretaries. Over 2,000 spacious new lockers line the halls of both the new wing and the original building. Ceiling tiles and light fixtures have been replaced throughout the building and classrooms have gotten makeovers that include new furniture, scientific equipment, LED smartboards and cabinetry. New family and consumer science classrooms were built near the cafeteria kitchen in the high school.

The new parent drop off loop is now in the front of the building and students will continue to be dropped off at the rear of the building. A new patio area in the back of the building will contain bricked-in planting areas and seating for students and staff around the edges of the brick planters.

All this is in addition to all the changes that were made to the high school last year / More Changes at the High School / Finishing Prior work during the Summer / >Original Checklist of Changes

* * * * * * *



(July 7, 2015) Summer construction season is here.  The high school, the middle school, Pulaski and Roanoke are all fully closed to the public and are undergoing major renovations.  At the high school, workers are finishing the front extension and undertaking major renovations in existing classroom space.  New lockers have arrived and the new courtyard between the auditorium and the gym is taking shape. 

At the middle school (see above and Twitter Feed), new ceilings, new lockers, new windows and new parking areas are being prepared.  In addition, the brand new art room, home and careers rooms and cafeteria/stage are being readied.

High school offices have been moved for the summer to the North Portables.  The middle school offices are spending the summer at Pulaski, and the Roanoke offices are in the portables next to Pulaski.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly for the public, PPS and Registration are in the process of moving to the South Portables adjacent to the high school.  They will reopen in their new space on July 13.  Regular summer hours are 8 am to 2 pm five days a week.

* * * * * * *

Good progress is being made at the HS.  library
* * * * * * *

The Middle School Library is complete.  library

* * * * * * *

(January 6, 2015 - Superintendent's Message 1/6/15) While our students are busy in classes, we are busy behind the construction fences to continue our Districtwide renovation bond. The high school addition is taking shape and the renovation should be complete by September of 2015. When it is complete, science classes will have access to 21st century laboratories, special education students will have small group learning environments and our main office and guidance departments will have new spaces to conduct their work. At the middle school, our new library will be opening by mid-January. Work on new classrooms and a new cafeteria continues as well. The bidding process is ongoing at Roanoke and Pulaski as we seek to get the best possible work for the best possible price. And at McKillop Field, the old and outdated bleachers and concession stand are being taken down and replaced with modern facilities. I am sure that you will be pleased with the end product when we are finished. >More


Larry Salvesen from BBS Architects and Stephen Brugge of Triton Construction gave a PowerPoint presentation to update the Board on Bond progress. (See September 9, 2014 PPT.)

(September 9, 2014) Larry Salvesen of BBS Architects in Patchogue and Steve Brugge of Triton Construction in Garden City — the companies working on the district’s $78 million capital improvement bond project approved by voters in 2011 — updated the school board Tuesday night about the districtwide construction plan. >NewsReview

(August 22, 2014) Update on Summer Progress


(August 22, 2014 - News Review) RHS facilities that will be ready for the beginning of the 2014-15 school year will include a new weight room, performing arts spaces, classroom window walls, new roofing, hallway ceilings, boiler and hot water heaters. In addition, the cafeteria, bathrooms and ROTC spaces at the high school have been refurbished and the parking lot has been improved. The expansion to the front of the high school made great strides this summer and work will continue on that addition throughout the school year with the completion date set for Fall 2015.

The upgrades are part of a larger $78 million school district improvement bond approved by voters in 2011, though projects beyond those already bonded are also in the works.

Last August, the school board approved using $1.7 million for various upgrades at the high school, including replacement of lighting and crumbling concrete in the back plaza courtyard, repair of the south and student parking lots and replacement of a damaged ceiling and lighting in the cafeteria. In March, the board also approved using $456,000 from the repair reserve account to pay for other projects at the high school, including paint, interior and exterior door-exit devices, HVAC rooftop temperature controllers and a hot-water mixing valve. Other monies were allocated for the middle school’s boiler room valves and boiler section, Roanoke Avenue Elementary School’s gym floor and flooring for five classrooms at Aquebogue Elementary School.
Although construction will continue in 2014-15, several high school construction projects associated with the bond were completed earlier this year, including the library, auditorium, large group instruction room and science research lab.

Capital improvements at Aquebogue, Phillips Avenue and Riley Avenue elementary schools were completed last year.

Construction at the middle school, Pulaski Street School and Roanoke Avenue Elementary School is scheduled for completion in September 2015.

2013-14 Bond Updates

Larry Salvesen from BBS Architects and Nicolas Andreadis and Stephen Brugge of Triton Construction gave a PowerPoint presentation to update the Board on Bond progress. (See April 8, 2014 PPT.)

(April 8, 2014 - Board of Ed. Meeting) Construction work is expected to meet its original completion deadline of next fall, despite delays at the state level that are holding the projects up. It was initially estimated that plans for the middle school would get the go-ahead by February, but now that will happen around June.

Upgrades planned for the middle school include building additions; renovation of the library, tech room and bathrooms; roof replacement; reconstruction of the cafeteria, science rooms, main office, guidance office and former home economic rooms; window replacement; and parking lots, according to the presentation.

Construction at Pulaski Street and Roanoke Avenue elementary schools is expected to start this summer. Those schools are slated to receive new cafeterias and kitchens, among other capital improvements.


(February, 2014) The front and rear of the high school are under construction.

The addition in the front of the building will house new science classrooms and office space. When completed, it will give the new front entrance a whole new look. The construction at the rear of the building will provide new music, art and weight room spaces. Construction on the additions will begin this year and continue into the following school year with completion of the high school scheduled for September of 2015. >More


February 11, 2014 - Riverhead, NY) Superintendent Nancy Carney, Board President Ann Cotten-DeGrasse, members of the Board of Education (Greg Meyer, Susan Koukounas and Amelia Lanz), Plant Facilities Administrator Mark Finnerty, representatives from Triton Construction and BBS Architects, RHS Principal Charles Regan and the high school administration, RHS Media Specialist Kim McGurk and student interns, who helped Ms. McGurk shelve the books, staff and faculty gathered this morning, Tuesday, February 11th, to conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony at the entrance to the new library / media center at the high school.

Superintendent Nancy Carney shared, "The high school's library is brand new and is befitting students who are learning in the Computer Age. The room is now a modern and beautiful environment where our students can conduct research with up-to-date technology, work on projects in small group settings, or read and work independently in comfortable spaces."

In addition, the tables are now in place in the large group instruction room and it will be ready for use in the near future. The construction of the new additions at the high school is also well underway.

The auditorium and the gymnasium have been renovated with new seating and flooring changing the look and feel of both spaces. Boys and girls restrooms have been renovated. There are now new classrooms and resource areas in what was previously the upper library. >More Photos

There are plans to break ground at the Middle School this summer. Plans have been submitted to the state for the work to be done at Roanoke and Pulaski this fall.



July 2013 Summer Projects
Click HERE to see an Overview of Projects



(September 9, 2013) The front of the high school has been completely fenced off for the upcoming construction of an addition to the FRONT of the building. The addition will house new science classrooms and office space. When completed, it will give the new front entrance a whole new look. Construction on the addition will begin this year and continue into the following school year with completion of the high school scheduled for September of 2015.


The parking lot in the front of the school has been closed in anticipation of the construction of NEW SCIENCE CLASSROOMS and offices. All parking will now be in the back of the building. A temporary STUDENT DROP-OFF LOOP at the entrance on the south side of the building, off School Street, has been created for students being dropped off or picked up by private vehicles. School buses will drop off and pick up students in the back parking lot. The bus line up will look like the diagram below.


The seats and the flooring in the HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM have been removed in order to install a new floor, new seats and new lighting. The AUDITORIUM renovation is scheduled to be completed in January — in time for the winter concert season. The stage was left unchanged for use by teachers and students, for lessons and orchestra practice.

The HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY is undergoing o a complete makeover, which
it is hoped will be completed by November 2013.

The HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM has been renovated. The floor was stripped,
revarnished and given new stripes and a new logo in the middle of the floor.
The gymnasium also has new energy efficient light fixtures,
brand new automated bleachers and new blue pads on freshly painted walls.

The COMMONS AREA across from the cafeteria has been converted into
offices; however, the school store is in the same location.

CONSTRUCTION of an addition off the northeast corner of the high school, which will house a new weight room and new music areas will take place later in the school year. Other future improvements include the enclosure and renovation of the cafeteria, the construction and renovation of science rooms, a remodeled classroom for art, the replacement of student lockers and general remodeling and painting.

The COURTYARD in the rear of the building, which is badly cracked, will be replaced and the PARKING LOT will be resurfaced.

The high school, which was constructed in the early 1970s, is also going to be refitted with new energy-efficient WINDOWS and DOORS. Earlier in the year, it received some new energy-efficient motion-sensitive lighting and dual boilers, and other energy-related udates. (See overview of changes to the High School.)

For an overview of what is being done districtwide, go to the timeline and the summer projects pages.

See Coverage of Construction by News Review and RiverheadLocal



Phillips Avenue Projects from Sandra Kolbo on Vimeo.

Triton Timeline Overview from Sandra Kolbo on Vimeo.



         Thursday, March 14, 2012, 10AM, RIBBON CUTTING

From Groundbreaking to Ribbon Cutting

(March 15, 2013 – Riverhead, NY) On Thursday, March 14, 2013, the Board of Education of the Riverhead Central School District conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony in the newly renovated and expanded library / computer center at Phillips Avenue Elementary School.This event marked the first project in the first phase of the school bond plan to be ready for student use. 
The ceremony included Board members, Ann Cotten-DeGrasse, Greg Meyer, and Sue Koukounas; a member of the CPR Committee, Robert Brown; Superintendent Nancy Carney; representatives from Triton Construction; Phillips Avenue Principal Debra Rodgers, and the first group of students who visited the new library on opening day.

After the ribbon cutting, the kids got right to work on checking out the new library. Librarian Melanie Ash showed the students the different areas of the library, which more than doubled in space, contains distinct learning areas, with raised seating for story time, an area for tables to work on projects, and SmartBoards at each end for teacher use.

The transformation of the old library space did not go unheeded by the students. "I love the new library. It looks great," said Amaya Hopkins.

The previous library was so crowded that it was difficult to search for that special book, but the new library is bright, cheery, and inviting. The kind of place that can help a child fall in love with the reading, and just on the other side of the wall is a new computer center with zippy little computers that can introduce the students at Phillips to a world of knowledge.


“This day has been a long time coming but has been well worth it. We are excited that our students will be able to learn research and writing skills in a 21st century environment,” Superintendent Carney stated. “This is a wonderful day for Riverhead, and I can’t wait for the work to progress on our other buildings in the near future.” (See Special UPDATE on Phillips Library)


Smaller scale renovation work inside the building includes old corridor ceiling replacements. Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2013. Also some exterior masonry repairs and playground surfacing at the south playground area will be completed by the summer of 2013.
Aquebogue: A new kitchen addition is being worked on and the exterior masonry shell is almost complete. This addition will be ready for use for the start of school in the fall of 2013. Playground surfacing will take place this spring, weather permitting, or over thesummer. Parking lot reconstruction work, roof replacements, masonry repairs, and other smaller interior renovations will be completed by Summer 2013.
Riley: Has three areas being worked on right now;

Has three areas being worked on:

1. New Classroom Addition - The foundation and structural steel is completed and masonry work is ongoing. This addition will be ready for use for the start of school in the fall of 2013.

2. New Cafetorium Addition- Foundation and structural steel is completed and masonry work has begun. The breakthrough to connect the new addition to the existing cafetorium is scheduled for this summer and the entire space will be renovated and completed for the start of school in September 2013.

3. Renovation of Library and the New Computer Lab - All demolition is complete in the old space, and new walls and door frames have been installed. Finish work like ceilings, floors, etc. will be installed, and the library space should be complete by late spring / early summer and will be ready for use for the start of school in the fall of 2013.

Large parking lot reconstruction work, roof replacements, masonry repairs, and other smaller interior renovations will be completed during the summer of 2013.


High School: Plans are at NY SED for review and the issuance of building permits. As soon as the building permits are issued, the project will immediately go out to bid. Construction is expected to begin immediately on the new 30,000 sq. ft. front addition and will be substantially complete by the fall of 2015. The new fitness room addition will be completed by the winter of 2014. Construction for the library renovation, LGI Room 133, gym bleacher replacements, auditorium seating replacement is all expected to start this summer and be completed by the spring of 2014. All other renovation work to the science rooms, home & careers, art, music, roofing replacement, window replacements, etc. will be worked on in phases, from the summer of 2013 through the summer of 2015. All projects at the high school are to be completed by the fall of 2015.


Middle School: Plans are being finalized by the designers and should be sent to the State in the summer of 2013, with construction expected to start in the spring of 2014 and be completed by the fall of 2015. All work related to the athletic fields are being developed in the Middle School project.
Roanoke ES: Plans are being finalized by the designers and should be sent to the State by the fall of 2013, with construction expected to start in the spring of 2014 and completed by Fall 2015.
Pulaski St: Plans are being finalized by the designers and should be sent to the State by the fall of 2013, with construction expected to start in the spring of 2014 and completed by the fall of 2015.



(December 4, 2012) Residents had an opportunity to hear a detailed overview of the upcoming construction and renovation that is underway at Riley Avenue Elementary School. On December 4, the architects, construction managers, and RCSD administration gave a presentation and answered questions about the plans during the Riley Avenue RAPA meeting.

The $5.7-million program at the Riley Avenue Elementary School includes two new, 825-square-foot classrooms; a new, 559-foot, state-of-the-art theatrical stage in the expanded, 4,000-square-foot multi-purpose cafeteria space; and renovations to a a1,840-square-foot library, a 927-square-foot computer room, a 200-square-foot speech room, a literacy coach's room, the school psychologist/social worker room, and two 413-square-foot reading rooms. The facility will also receive a new roof, reconfigured driveways and re-surfaced parking, as well as ADA improvements to its playground.


(November 27, 2012) The new parking lot will soon be getting a fence, but is now usable.



On November 20, at 10AM, the Board of Education of the Riverhead Central School District will ceremonially break ground at the Aquebogue Elementary School, kicking off the second phase of construction in the school bondplan.

The ceremony is slated to begin at 10AM, and include Board members,Superintendent Nancy Carney, AquebogueAquebogue Principal Phil Kent, community members, and representatives from BBS Architects, and Landscape Architects and Engineers, the firms that designed the plans.  Aquebogue Elementary School is located at the intersection of Main Road and Edgar Avenue in Aquebogue.

“The work at our first school, Phillips Avenue, has been going so well,” Superintendent Carney said.  “I am excited to begin construction on the next phase of this project.  I believe that the community and the students will be very pleased with the end result.”

Aquebogue Elementary School, which houses students in Grades K-4, is scheduled to receive a newly expanded cooking kitchen, new parking lots, reconfigured small group instructional spaces and a variety of other improvements that will modernize the building, the earliest portion of which was built in 1928.  “Cooking our lunches on site is such an important goal,” Superintendent Carney said.  “By expanding our kitchens, we will be able to improve the food we offer students and provide more nutritious meals to them.”

Other work includes the reconfiguration of some classrooms to create specialized learning centers and renovated playgrounds that will place rubberized surfaces around the play equipment. 

Phil Kent, the principal at Aquebogue Elementary School, said he was pleased to have the construction begin.  “As anyone who has ever driven down Edgar Avenue during school events can tell you, we are in desperate need for additional parking here,” he said.  “This project will help to ease that overflow and provide some relief to our neighbors.”

The project will begin immediately and continue during the school year and into next summer.  The district has hired Triton Construction Company to ensure that all work is coordinated between building contractors and the needs of the students, faculty and staff at the school.

“We will begin work at Aquebogue this month, and we are planning to start at Riley Avenue Elementary School in about six weeks.” Superintendent Carney said.  Work at Riverhead High School is scheduled to begin this spring.



(Above - New frontage at Phillips) Renovations at the Phillips Avenue School are on time --
with the completion of the library due in late December.

(September 5, 2012) The summer months were very busy. On August 16, the Board of Education joined with district administrators and community members to ceremonially break ground at Phillips to kick off the first stage of our bond-funded renovation plan.


Work at Phillips includes a new bus loop and new parking areas. The library is being reconstructed and expanded and is expected to be ready for students by the beginning of January. A new roof and new drainage systems are also in the process of being completed at Phillips.  

At Aquebogue, the district received permits from the state two weeks ago to begin work, which will include an expanded kitchen, increased parking area, and some reconfigured classrooms.  Work will begin in October.

The Riley Avenue project should be approved in about three weeks. The district created a temporary bus loop to allow them to proceed with expansions of the building while school is in session.  Ms. Carney stated that, “In all we do, we are putting site safety first and ensuring that teaching and learning will continue uninterrupted by the construction process.”

The general construction schedule for the bond is to submit plans for the high school around October 1, 2012, and the middle school around December 1, 2012 to the state for their review.  By next spring, work should be happening at all five buildings. They will begin meetings with faculty at Roanoke and Pulaski this fall. The work at these two buildings will begin in the summer of 2014.

HISTORY OF PROGRESS. . . larryandNick
Larry Salvesen from BBS Architects and Nicolas Andreadis and Stephen Brugge of Triton Construction gave a Power Point presentation concerning the implementation of the bond project's Phase I and II of Building Bond Projects / Project Master Schedule. (Bd. of Ed. Meeting 10/25) SOIL BORINGS are being performed to provide information that determine the make up of the soil and water table depth for: drainage design; foundation design; excavation and backfill specifications. (Aquebogue 12/7/2011)

Larry Salvesen from BBS Architects and Nicolas Andreadis and Stephen Brugge of Triton Construction gave PowerPoint presentations to Larryupdate the Board on Bond progress. Mr. Salvesen gave a detailed presentation of the plans for renovation and construction at the Aquebogue, Phillips and Riley Avenue Schools. BBS is working very closely with the schools and their principals to finalize the plans. Triton announced that the Disrict was slightly ahead of schedule on their preliminary submissions to the State Education Department.
    Work at the high school will begin in spring 2013, to be completed in July 2014, he said. Construction at Pulaski, Roanoke and the middle school will begin in spring of 2014 and be wrapped up by the end of summer in 2015.The bulk of the work in all buildings will be done during the summer months, as well as during school vacation periods, Salvesen said.

Aquebogue, Phillips Avenue and Riley – Site surveys and soil borings have been completed. New parking lot layouts have been agreed upon. Roof surveys and roof cores are being completed. The Aquebogue kitchen expansion is in design development with Mr. Kent and the Aquebogue School team. The Phillips Avenue library media center design is being developed with Ms. Rodgers and the Phillips Avenue team. The Riley Avenue cafetorium expansion and library media center is in design development with Mr. Enos and the Riley Avenue team. Larry Salvesen from BBS Architects and Nicolas Andreadis and Stephen Brugge of Triton Construction gave PowerPoint presentations to update the Board on Bond progress. (See videos.)

News Review Article - Sept. 19, 2013


JULY 12, 2012 BOND UPDATE: PowerPoint Presentation and Timeline

Larry Salvesen from BBS Architects reported that, after lengthy discussions with high school surveyoradministrators and staff, the design plans for the High School are almost complete. Mr. Salvesen gave the Board of Education a detailed PPT presentation on the additions and changes. Once they are complete, the HS plans will be submitted to the SED for approval. Construction on the high school is scheduled to begin in 2013.

Salvesen gave an update on progress on the high school plans by showing blueprints of the classrooms and construction in a PowerPoint presentation.

Minor changes since the original plans have been made.
The new wing in the front of the high school building is to be a two story building--
It will contain: the Lobby / a copy center for teachers and staff / a conference room in the main office.
People will be buzzed in by a guard in the lobby. BBS aArrived at these changes with input from the Administrators and high school staff.

Library of the Future - There will be room for 3,000 additional volumes (15,500 now). Over 90 computers will be added to the library with an additional 30 seating spaces, which will allow for 50 students in the library. . Students will sign in. There will be additional computers in an adjascent room, which will be constructed in a tiered manner, so the teacher can see the computer monitors from the front of the room while students are working on their computers.  The total library capacity will be 130 students.

There will be four large advanced science classrooms on the second floor of the new addition to the front of the high school. They will be Chemistry and Physics rooms. Across from the new classrooms, will be a classroom that will house the science research class (above library), the math faculty office. There will also be AP office on the 2nd floor in the science area. Forensics and marine biology rooms will be housed in this area as well.
Room 133 will be remodelled into a large lecture room with tiered seating for 100 (and 4 wheelchairs).
The Southeastern cornerof the high school will house the NJROTC. Room 118 will become NJROTC room -- just a couple of rooms down from where it is currently housed. NJROTC will still be in the back of the building to give the cadets access to the hallway and to the outside easily.

Band space will be expanded into what used to be the tech and NJRTOC rooms. It will be large enough for a 110 member band, plus storage for marching band instruments and practice rooms for 4-6 students. Orchestra space for 60 and a choral room for 90 (sound reinforced) will have access to the back of the stage. There will be changes to the seats and flooring and acoustical modifications in the auditorium.
Ceramics and studio art room - additional kiln and ceramics storage rooms. More art storage room. Triple sinks for ceramics and painting. Family and consumer science area will undergo modifications. Current technology and projection will be added. The family consumer science room will be near the lunchroom. There are plans to increase ESBOCES and SCCC instruction perhaps in the future--and the modifications will be done with that in mind.
PE station/workout roomwill be moved and updated.
Schedule information from Nick Andreadis (Triton Construction):
Bad News - SED slowed down the process of approval. NEW TIMELINE as of July 10, 2012
salvesenGood News - "We're maintaining the same completion rate in spite of the State's  slow approval process," noted Nick Andreadis, from Triton Construction. He informed the Board that the design plans for Phillips Avenue Elementary School has been approved by the SED, but Riley and Aquebogue are still in the process of being approved. While the timeline is a bit behind schedule, with work on the Phillips Avenue Elementary School beginning later than anticipated because the state took longer than expected to approve the project -- Aquebogue and Riley Avenue Elementary schools are also lagging behind --The SED is backed up and, therefore, the timeline is slightly behind projections. However, Triton hopes to begin work at Phillips in August and expedite work on the other elementary buildings throughout the 2012-13 school year.

Work will begin first on the three elementary schools, beginning with the Phillips Avenue Elementary School, with Aquebogue and Riley Avenue elementary schools following -- no work will be done on the Aquebogue and Riley Avenue schools this summer, but exterior work is expected to begin in the fall --  and plans for the high school are expected to be submitted in September. High school plans are proceeding on schedule and work will start on the high school in February of 2013. Construction on the Pulaski Street, Roanoake, and middle schools will follow, with all work expected to be wrapped up by 2015.

The MS elevator will be completed by the beginning of the school year or very soon thereafter.
Superintendent Nancy Carney thanked the high school administration and staff, who worked with the architects for months to modify the design of the high school.



(JULY 10, 2012 UPDATE PPT)



  Bond Referendum approved

October 11, 2011

  Design Phase;  Preliminary State   Education Department Approval

November 1, 2011 - August 30, 2012

  Submission to State Education   Department - Final Approval

September 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

  Bidding Period

January 1, 2013 - January 31, 2013

  Award Period

February 1, 2013 - February 28, 2013

  High School Construction Period   and Final Detail Work

March 1, 2013 - August 31, 2014

  High School Occupancy

September 1, 2014

  Middle School Construction   Period and Final Detail Work

March 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015

  Middle School Occupancy

September 1, 2015

  Elementary Schools   Construction   Period and Final   Detail Work

March 1, 2013 - August 31, 2015 (varying by building)

  Elementary Schools Occupancy

Not later than September 1, 2015 (varying by building)


News Review Article - Sept. 19, 2013

Larry Salvesen from BBS Architects and Nicolas Andreadis and Stephen Brugge of Triton Construction gave a PowerPoint
presentation to update the Board on Bond progress. (See PPT.)

UPDATE OF BOND TIMELINE from Sandra Kolbo on Vimeo.



  Bond Update Intro/ Phillips                   Bond Update for Riley Library                  Bond Update on Aquebogue


Riley Avenue Kitchen/Cafeteria                        Bond Update on RHS                              Update on Riley Library

JULY 12, 2012 BOND UPDATE: PowerPoint Presentation and Timeline / with photos