Educational Websites--Teachers/Students/Parents


Here are a few websites that will be helpful to you in the classroom:



Teaching is the Core from EngageNY on Vimeo.

Common Core Mathematics Help for Parents/Students

NGA Classroom

A Place for students and teachers to connect art and curriculum.


Welcome to the Internet's largest global community of connected classrooms!

Kahn Academy - A not-for-profit with the goal of providing a world-class education to anyone anywhere. Good site for videos that are interesting/fun.
Coursera - Take the world's best courses online.


The Writing Teacher


United Streaming

Tips and strategies for teaching mathematics and more.

More Useful Websites

Connect With Kids - Great articles about parenting kids of all ages - sign up for their free newsletter.

Department of Education Web Site There is A LOT of useful information here.

Everyday Math Page -
Helpful information for Parents, Teachers and Students by the folks who developed the Everyday Math curriculum used in NYC Public Schools.

Free Rice -
Practice in vocabulary, social studies, math, science and more. Food is donated to developing countries for each question you answer. Build your brain and a better world at the same time!

Great Schools - - reviews and info for parents

Grow Network - This is the web site for information on city and state standardized tests in Math and ELA (English Language Arts.) They also offer information on state standards and great links to other pages for helping all children in grades 3-8 in the following areas:

Books for Kids Blogpurplicious
Fantastic resource for finding quality children's books by a retired librarian--updated daily with a huge archive of books, quotes, links, summaries, uses, themes, etc. This retired Librarian's effort is amazing! Check it out!

See STUDENT LINKS as well as those listed below.

Elementary Science Links
Elementary Science Links - Mega Site for General Elementary Science arranged by grade level for kids, parents and educators. It's on the Baltimore Schools site and it's very comprehensive.

High School

High School Hub is a free online learning center
that features subject guides for English,
foreign languages, math, science, and social studies.

- Web site for health and physical education teachers, parents, and students. Their goal is to provide the latest information about developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children and youth.


Riverhead Free Library

East End Art Center
The East End Arts Council is dedicated to bringing the arts into the lives of children. Scholarships based on financial need are available in all areas of study and camp.

The Dolan DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is the world's first nalcscience center devoted entirely to genetics education and is an operating unit of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, an important center for molecular genetics research. The DNALC extends the Laboratory's traditional research and postgraduate education mission to the college, precollege, and public levels. Several educational options are available there, including DNA Saturdays and DNASummer Camp.

21WLIW21 Public Television gives you access to 2,000 instructional video programs and more than 20,000 video clips. (Ask your school librarian for a user name and password. Click on the WLIW21 logo and sign in.)

Power To Learn
LiChallengeThere's something for everyone at this Cablevision-sponsored site. They are the sponsors of the LI Challenge on Channel 12.

Council for Unity has a history of successfully promoting inter-group relations councilforunityand reducing violence in schools and communities by implementing programs in leadership development, mentoring, career, college guidance and gang prevention. Website at

fyiTesting Resources
(Sample Tests, etc)


prezi Presentation Site - prezi


Dorling Kindersley Clip Art and Image site

Pics 4 Learning

Free Digital Photos

Free Photos Bank

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography Of the Earth

NASA Image Exchange

NASA's Multimedia Gallery

MathMol Library of Geometric Images

U.S. Government Photos and Graphics:
Most of these images and graphics are available for use in the public domain, and they may be used and reproduced without permission or fee. However, some images may be protected by license. We strongly recommend you thoroughly read the disclaimers on each site before use.

Florida Images,FEAT,LAT,LON,PDATE&options=none
Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

University of California Calisphere

UC Davis History Project

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Images

Kitzu: Orange County CA Dept of Education Digital Multimedia Kits

National Geographic Photos

Smithsonian Images

American Memory (Library of Congress)

Library of Congress Prints and Photographic Reading Room

Flickr Creative Commons
When you search flickr, through CC, the photos are posted by copyright type. by clicking on more you search photos just with that type of license.

Open Photo

FreeFoto is the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet (link back and attribution required)

Image and Sound Database, UC Berkeley
Click HERE

Pict Search

      ebook of iPad Apps

English Language Learner

Activities for ESL Students
Reading Is Fundamental

Reading Connections

Read Aloud Stories Online
Kindergarten favorite!

Online books

some are windows only

Read Aloud stories including Arthur!
Storyline Online

A second grade favorite! Great read alouds!
Treasurers Reading Program
Online Level Books Library K-6
The right books for every student!

National Educational Links


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesarus
A kids, collegiate and unabridged dictionary and the Encyclopedia Britanica

Big Ideas about Education
edgov  This site has great resource links for teachers.
  It is especially good at exploring questions that  elicit "Big" thinking about how to engage students
 in something more than rote learning.

Exploring the Essential Questions of Education

Local PTA Links
Executive PTO Council for RCSD

National PTA Links
National PTA

Megan's Law Link