Thank You, Mr. Payton

Roanoke Avenue School participated in The Great Kindness Challenge

sign(January 18, 2012) The Roanoke Anti-Bullying Club posted their anti-bullying promise sign up sheet and a banner against bullying next to the huge "Kindness Matters" banner students made in art class to kick off the "The Great Kindness Challenge" (GKC), a Kids for Peace experience.

"We've also made anti-bullying posters and put them up in the hallway," anti-bullying club member Jackson Loper explains. "It has really made a difference in our school. I'd say we've pretty much wiped out bullying at Roanoke."

Some of the ways individual students and classes participated in the GKC included:

Mrs. Verbeck (3rd grade), Ms. Horn (2nd grade), Mrs. Tuohy's (2nd grade) classes completed as many of the 50 challenges from the GKC checklist as they could! Some of the items on the checklist were: Smile at 25 People, Tell a Joke and Make Someone Laugh, Help a Younger Student, Step Up for Someone in Need, Hold the Door Open for Someone, Learn to say "Hello" in a New Language, etc.

Mrs. Hughes' first grade class made little mailboxes into which students put kind notes to each other during the week. On Friday, the students opened their mailbox envelopes and read their notes.

Mr. Karlson's (3rd grade) class made "Kindness Comics", wherein they used illustrations and used dialogue to show how an act of kindness might come back around to them in unique ways.

The fourth graders made a huge thank you note for the PTO, which will be presented by the outgoing student government officers to the PTO members at their next meeting.

"Kindness really does matter," shared third grader Ellie Hill, who was on her way to give Principal Tom Payton a thank you note. Ellie said she had slipped a nice note into her brother's backpack that morning, had given her Tae Kwon Do teacher an apple, and bought her mom and dad a glass vase that said "I Love You" on it. Much to her delight and surprise, when she gave Mr. Payton her thank you note, he gave her a gift card good for one free cookie at Panera's. She gave him a huge smile, a hug, and a polite thank you.