Student-Authors Publish Works

Student-Authors Publish Works photo thumbnail83303

Fifth- and sixth-graders at the Pulaski Street School recently commemorated the completion of their respective writing units by publishing their works and reading them to their parents at separate celebrations. 

Fifth-graders in Ms. Torre Falkner’s class held their writing celebration on Oct. 27. During the event, they shared their narrative pieces with their parents. The celebration came after the students spent time brainstorming ideas for their stories that they planned, drafted, wrote and revised. Also, as part of project, the students recorded themselves reading their works. Parents were then able to access their child’s reading by using a QR code.  

Meanwhile, all sixth-graders worked to pen personal narratives, focusing on writing a good lead, using dialogue and adding sensory details. During the unit, they set goals for themselves based off a set of writing strategies.  As part of their publishing celebration, held on Nov. 3, the students shared their works with their parents and peers. They also provided positive critique on their fellow students’ writings.