Character Education Program Turns Students Into ‘Bucket Fillers’

Character Education Program Turns Students Into ‘Bucket Fillers’ photo thumbnail84631
Riley Avenue Elementary School students are earning accolades for treating others with kindness as part of a new character education program that is based on the popular book, “Have you filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. 

The program, spearheaded by teacher assistant Christine Romano, kicked off at the start of the school year, with members of the school’s student council reading the book to their peers in each classroom. Student council members also discussed with fellow students the importance of being kind and led a bucket filling activity. During the activity, they learned the attributes of bucket fillers and bucket dippers.  

The program incorporates a schoolwide reward system. Each week, a student from every classroom is named as the week’s bucket filler and is presented with a special backpack keychain that feature the words, “bucket filler.” 

The school’s PTO provided all the books and the rewards.