Reading Challenge is Easy as Pie

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Elementary students at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School in the Riverhead Central School District were rewarded with a chance to throw pies in their principal’s face after triumphantly meeting a challenge to read for 100,000 minutes during their school’s annual Reading Week. 

The students not only conquered the challenge, but went above the goal set by their principal by reading 141,000 minutes in total, the most minutes over a Reading Week goal logged to date.  

During a celebratory assembly on March 9, Principal Thomas Payton praised the students and then readied himself as representatives from each grade took turns coating his face in pie, to the cheers of fellow classmates.  

This is not the first time that students at Roanoke have risen to a reading challenge set by Payton. In the past, students have won the chance to pour ice and slime on their principal, duct tape him to a wall and shave his head with the word “read” tagged into it.