Spreading the Word about Drug-Free Youth

Spreading the Word about Drug-Free Youth photo thumbnail93306
Riverhead High School and Middle School students helped to circulate information about the Riverhead Community Coalition for Safe and Drug-Free Youth program during an annual meet and greet at the Riverhead Fire House on April 12.

During the community event, the students disseminated information about the program at various booths and held an informative presentation on substance abuse and the latest trends in e-cigarette use. 

The students, who have pledged to lead a substance-free lifestyle, meet every other week to record public service announcements and coordinate medication take-back events with the Riverhead Police Department and the DEA. They also participate in Project Sticker Shock, in which they place brightly colored stickers on cases of beer to warn customers about penalties related to buying alcohol for minors. Currently, the coalition members are working to conduct scans within the community to identify retailers that sell and aggressively advertise e-cigarettes in an effort to curtail usage among their peers. 

“This event is a true testament of how a school district and a community organization can successfully partner together to address the health and safety of students,” said Christine Tona, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction.