Riverhead High School Hit Recycling Goal

Riverhead High School Hit Recycling Goal photo thumbnail97358
Each day, students in the Riverhead High School’s Basic Skills Development program do their part to ensure that the high school is recycling on a regular basis. They work to collect recycling bins throughout the school and sort the items deposited in them. Their hard work has paid off — this year, they beat a recycling goal of 30,000 by recycling 30,550 units of recyclables and 170 used printer cartridges. 

In hitting the goal, the seven-year-old program has now collected a total of 119,680 units of recyclables. All of the recycled items are collected by a carting company with the exception of bottles and cans, which the students redeem at the recycling machines at Stop and Shop. The money garnered is used to purchase educational apps for the students’ iPads, donations to school programs and flowers and plants for the school’s grounds. 

Looking forward, the recycling program’s coordinators, teachers Danielle Burdo and Timothy Page, would like to expand the program by offering recycling in the district’s office with a goal of eventually coordinating a districtwide program.