Dear Aquebogue Families,

For the past few weeks, due to high temperatures and humidity, and now the consecutive days of rain, our school facility has seen the accumulation of excess moisture. This has resulted in a mildew-type smell in the air and, in a few locations, has produced mold on surface areas. To remediate the situation, the district has been working with J.C. Broderick and Associates, Inc., our environmental consulting and testing company, to ensure our building is safe for occupancy. We have been assured by J.C. Broderick and Associates that this occurrence is not unique to Riverhead or Aquebogue, especially with the severity of the weather. 

Over the last few days, our facilities staff has replaced ceiling tiles in affected areas and thoroughly cleaned surface areas using a nontoxic disinfectant cleaner, as recommended by J.C. Broderick and Associates. The cleaning product, Virex II 256, is used in healthcare facilities and is known to kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Additionally, samples have been collected and tested by J.C. Broderick and Associates. 

Of the samples that were expedited, we have been informed that there is no airborne mold concern and our building has been deemed clean and safe for occupancy. As always, the health and safety of our school community is our top concern. We will continue to be diligent in our efforts to ensure our building is safe for all who enter our doors. 

If you have any concerns, please contact the main office at 631-369-6780.


Phil Kent, Principal Aurelia Henriquez, Superintendent
Aquebogue Elementary School Riverhead Central School District