Transforming a Library

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During the summer, the library at Pulaski Street Elementary School in the Riverhead Central School District underwent a physical transformation in an effort to meet the needs of 21st-century learners. 

The goal of the project, spearheaded by school media specialist Amelia Creedon, was to redesign the space in a way that would empower students to become consumers of information and products that activate innovation and creativity.

The redesigned library is now split into three main sections, with the circulation desk at the hub. One section now features four comfortable movable benches thanks to the Long Island Science Center, computer stations, a self-checkout station and seating areas with tables, while the back of the library houses a 3D printer along with other gadgets for makerspace learning. 

The entire space is designed for flexible use, with everything on wheels and a variety of seating options to facilitate smaller group work and enhanced social learning.

“The vision was to create a relevant learning space where students feel free to read, learn, design, create and engineer,” said Creedon. “Our custodians and technology team were instrumental in helping us achieve this. We are blessed to have such a great team.”

Creedon said she is continuing to make improvements at the library, including reorganizing its collections by genre and growing the makerspace area.