Essay Contest Memorializes Garfield M. Langhorn Jr.

Essay Contest Memorializes Garfield M. Langhorn Jr. photo thumbnail102931
Four Pulaski Street School sixth-graders in the Riverhead Central School District were recently recognized as winners of the 14th annual Hometown Heroes Essay Contest. The writing competition was held by the First Baptist Church of Riverhead in memory of Vietnam War veteran Garfield M. Langhorn Jr. 

The winners – Brooke Andresen, Zuleika Herrera Rodriquez, Dean Redmond and Christopher Rodriguez – were presented with their awards at a ceremony on Oct. 19 at Pulaski Street Elementary School. 

The contest asked students to pen an essay in response to the question, “How can ordinary people emulate Langhorn’s extraordinary valor in their everyday lives?” In preparing their submissions, students explored what it means to be a hero and learned about the life and heroism of Langhorn, who is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. 

The essays were judged by members of the community and the Garfield M. Langhorn Memorial Committee of the First Baptist Church of Riverhead.