Young Women Scientists Tour Local Waterways

Young Women Scientists Tour Local Waterways photo thumbnail105030
Members of the Women in Science and Engineering group at Riverhead High School had a unique opportunity to experience Long Island’s diverse winter wildlife on Dec. 11. The nontraditional experience was provided by Stony Brook Southampton’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. 

As part of the program, the students toured local waterways on one of Southampton’s marine vessels and observed birds that migrate from the high tundra, including a hooded merganser, a great blue heron, sea ducks and a peregrine falcon, which is one of the fastest birds on the planet. The students were also able to watch sea lions navigate the waters and interact with each other. 

Additionally, while aboard, the students learned about a great opportunity presented to all high school students to take a three-credit oceanography course at Stony Brook Southampton during the summer. Course enrollees will examine ocean life and get an in-depth introduction to the science of the seas, ocean history, atmospheric and oceanic circulation, deep sea ecology, plankton and nekton, marine habitats, waves and tides, and hurricanes and tsunamis.