Regent Tilles Visits Riverhead

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New York State Board of Regents representative Roger Tilles visited the Riverhead Central School District for a meet and greet with students, district officials, local lawmakers and educators from nearby school districts on May 3. 

During the visit, Riverhead High School seniors Dominic Bossey and Michael Cunningham spoke to Tilles about their respective experiences in the Riverhead Central School District. Both spoke highly of the variety of opportunities available to students, including academics and clubs. The session also touched on dilemmas faced by educators on Long Island, including ensuring that high school ENL students are provided with opportunities to graduate high school.

“This session was a great opportunity for educators, students and local officials to have an open conversation about education and the needs of the Riverhead Central School District,” said Dr. Aurelia Henriquez. “We thank Roger Tilles for taking the time to visit with us.”