A Summer of Science

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Riverhead Central School District’s summer program for English language learners was chock-full of scientific experiments, projects and exploration thanks to a partnership with Stony Brook University.

The program, coordinated by Jeremy Garritano, ran from July 8-26 at Riley Avenue Elementary School and focused on engaging students through science. 

Through a variety of research projects, students observed scientific phenomena and designed experiments to explain what they observed. For example, fourth grade students worked with researchers from Stony Brook University on an experiment in which they explored the relationship between earthworms and soybeans. They calculated measurements such as the weight of the worms, formulated hypotheses and shared their findings with their peers.   

In other classrooms, teachers brought science to life through a variety of projects. Students went on science walks, created ecosystem dioramas by reusing plastic lunch containers, kept scientific journals, explored erosion and its impact on ecosystems, engineered parachutes and took virtual field trips.  

The sessions included generous donations by Island Harvest of lunch and breakfast for all students. The program also culminated with donations, as Eastern Suffolk BOCES and Feed the Children provided all students with free children’s books, backpacks and school supplies.