‘Kinder-garden’ Planted at Aquebogue

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Kindergartners at Riverhead’s Aquebogue Elementary School recently transformed their school’s courtyard into an outdoor learning space.

The fall project was spearheaded by the school’s kindergarten teachers, who noticed the courtyard’s planting beds had become overgrown with weeds from the previous spring, when the beds were last used by students to plant and harvest vegetables. Getting right to work, the teachers put out a call for donations and received an abundance of colorful mums, straw bales and scarecrows. 

With the donations, the students began weeding and planting while chanting, “I’m a farmer.”

Throughout the season, all students will enjoy the space as they work on their reading, math and writing skills among the fall colors. 

In the winter, there are plans to use the beds to plant winter greens, including kale, spinach and snap peas.