Aquebogue Elementary Students Lend a Helping Hand to Fellow Classmates

March 15, 2022

Aquebogue Elementary School third grade students have been exploring how they can support their peers by stepping up as teachers for students in younger grades.

Whether reading aloud, explaining a math concept in a student’s primary language or working on a shamrock-themed math activity, connections were formed between students and with staff that are sure to have lasting social, emotional and academic impacts.

One third grade student from Mrs. Butterfield’s class completed one of the activities in Ms. Linares’ bilingual kindergarten class and declared herself a future teacher. First grade teacher Mrs. Condon, who hosted some of her former students, said, “Being able to step back and watch our students support one another was an awesome experience, and an incredible learning opportunity for each and every student involved.”
Date Added: 3/15/2022