Aquebogue Student Leadership Team Spreads Autism Awareness

April 28, 2022
Two Student Leadership Team members read to another class.

Fourth grade members of the Student Leadership Team at Aquebogue Elementary School were eager to share their leadership skills by reading to other classes in the building.

Students decided to focus their read-alouds on books that celebrated autism because April is Autism Awareness Month. The books they chose were “A Friend Like Simon,” by Kate Gaynor, “The Girl Who Thought in Pictures,” by Julia Finley Mosca and “All My Stripes: A Story for Children with Autism,” by Shaina Rudolph.

Before reading to classes, the leaders practiced reading with each other and did research on autism to help them feel prepared and confident. Team adviser and fourth grade teacher Tami Koller said, “This was a great opportunity for the Student Leaders to be viewed as role models and to create a larger sense of community within the school building. Our leaders were beaming with pride after each time they read, and the thanks and appreciation they received from each class created a rewarding experience for all involved.”
Date Added: 4/28/2022