Aquebogue Students Excitedly Eat Their Hard Efforts

August 1, 2023
Ms. Wade

Aquebogue Students Excitedly Eat Their Hard Efforts

Students Achieve Lunch Menu Changes Through Persuasive Letters

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK (AUGUST 2023) — Aquebogue Elementary School students had their voices heard after they composed letters to advocate for new lunch options. Maria Wade’s first and second grade special education class agreed upon a collective desire for additional lunch options and received feedback from their peers supporting their position. Ms. Wade’s students worked together to write letters to Riverhead Central School District Director of Food Services Keith Graham, and their words convinced Mr. Graham to add two new menu items: macaroni and cheese and pancakes.

“Our students displayed excellent work ethic and passion while writing these letters to Mr. Graham,” said Ms. Wade. “In addition to the excitement of having their words heard, they were even more eager to soon eat the options they supported.”

Ms. Wade’s students expressed exceptional pride at their ability to enhance their school and the experiences of their peers. Aquebogue Elementary School and the Riverhead Central School District are proud of the students as well for utilizing the persuasive writing skills they learn in class to champion a cause that directly affects them.

“We love to hear feedback from our students,” said Mr. Graham. “When possible, we do our best to turn this feedback into changes to our menu, as we were able to do with the new lunch additions.”


Ms. Wade

Ms. Wade’s first and second grade class thanks the food services department for implementing their new lunch menu recommendations

Menu Changes

Students in Ms. Wade’s class excitedly eat the new lunch options they helped implement