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Superintendent Dr. Aurelia L. Henriquez
Phone: 631.369.6717
Address: District Office
700 Osborn Ave.
Riverhead, NY 11901


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She has dandelion wishes and lioness dreams.
— j. iron word


October 2019

The beginning of the new school year brings hope. Let’s face it, we all really need that feeling! A dandelion reminds us of hope and big dreams, despite what others may initially see. As they say, “The dandelion does not care what others see. Instead, it says, ‘One day you will be making wishes upon me.’” That same hope can be seen in the students of the Riverhead Central School District. And so we have begun the school year with a renewed sense of hope, anticipation and excitement for what we are to become. However, like the dandelion, we sometimes must endure productive struggle before we can finally become who we were meant to be. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the community for your participation in our shared Riverhead community. At each meeting, I see more new faces, and I truly believe that if we come together for the sake of our children, we can win…and win we shall! 

Through our partnership with the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, the District offered the HCARE/HSTEM Program to Riverhead High School and Middle School students. Students had the opportunity to meet professionals from the medical field and learn about critical study habits and anti-stress techniques. They spoke about their futures with confidence and took an oath of commitment to themselves and the greater community. At the last Board of Education meeting, students were awarded white lab coats from the Renaissance School of Medicine. All were reminded to dream big! 

The November Superintendent’s Conference Day will focus on student connection and the power that we as teachers, leaders, parents and advocates have to make a difference in the lives of our students. The keynote speaker will be a former student who owes his success to his Riverhead teachers and coaches. He will also meet with our “Young Men on the Rise” members the next day. More to come! 

Since beginning my role as superintendent of the Riverhead Central School District, I have strived to find and bring to life new opportunities to bolster our curriculum while fostering a learning environment that recognizes and addresses the varying needs of our diverse student population. Significant strides have been made with the assistance of my fellow educators and dedicated staff. As we enter the 2019-20 school year, we remain committed to developing a whole child approach to education that best suits Riverhead’s students. 

The District will also maintain the strides that we have made over the last two years. For example, we will continue to address the mental health needs of our students through partnerships with the North Fork Coalition and the Sandy Hook Promise; offer programs such as Young Men on the Rise, which introduced our male students to positive community role models; and enlighten students about the various careers and colleges that await them through our annual College and Career Day, and through programs with Stony Brook University, including HCARE and HSTEM. We will also continue to partner with Stony Brook University to address the health needs of children by offering preventative dental care to students in grades 1-3, and we will ensure that our students have the nourishment they need to learn and grow through our Mobile Food Pantry partnership with Long Island Cares. 

Behavioral issues are also at the forefront of our conversations. We are examining the impact of our zero-tolerance policy and ways to deconstruct the school-to-prison pipeline that has become a growing concern. We have begun to look at restorative justice practices and mindfulness at all levels. 

Additionally, I will remain a strong and vocal advocate for our students in an effort to obtain more equitable funding that will assist us in educating the students of our community. Please be part of the conversation! Assist me in the advocacy work that we must be a part of for more funding for our schools. Please see the attached letter. More to come! 

There is still so much more work to be done, but I am sure when we look back many years from now, we will be proud of the dedication and hard work that our community has put in to ensure that our students receive the best education possible. Let’s be reminded of our children’s dandelion wishes and lioness dreams! 

Dr. H


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