2024-2025 Budget Documents

Proposed Budget 2024-2025

Information discussed at budget workshops will be posted on this webpage. Community participation is an important part of the budget development process, therefore we encourage residents to attend the budget meetings. The District will post budget information throughout the budget process starting in February 2024 through May 2024. All budget documents, topics, and meeting dates are subject to change and/or to be updated. 

Budget Presentation Information

Presentation – April 16, 2024
Presentation – April 2, 2024
Presentation – March 19, 2024
Presentation – March 5, 2024
Presentation – February 27, 2024

Proposed Expenditure Budget Information

Superintendent Proposed Budget 2024-2025
Proposed Budget Chart (categorical and relative)

Proposed Revenue Budget Information

Revenue Projection 2024–25 – Updated April 23, 2024
NYSSBA Quick Answers: The Property Tax Cap
Updated State Aid Projections – Added April 23, 2024

Budget Notice Information

Budget Development Calendar 2024-2025
Property Tax Report Card (English) (Spanish) – Added April 16, 2024
Budget Six-Day Notice – Coming Soon
Budget Hearing Presentation – Coming Soon
Budget Newsletter – Coming Soon

Other Budget Information

Charter School Expense Analysis – Added April 2, 2024
Budget Code Overview
Staffing Analysis 2024-25 – Updated March 14, 2024
Enrollment Summary – Added April 2, 2024
Enrollment Calculator 2024-2025
TRS Employer Contribution Rates
ERS Employer Contribution Rates
Debt Service Schedule
Budget Voting History
Bond Voting History
Acronym List
Town of Riverhead Exemption Impact Report
Town of Brookhaven Exemption Impact Report – Added April 23, 2024
Town of Southampton Exemption Impact Report – Added April 23, 2024
 Unfunded School District Mandate Items
CPI Data – Added March 18, 2024

 NYSED School Report Cards – Added April 15, 2024

Financial Transparency Report – (English) (Spanish)

Special Education Report – (English) (Spanish)

Riverhead High School – (English) (Spanish)

Riverhead Middle School – (English) (Spanish)

Pulaski Street Elementary School – (English) (Spanish)

Aquebogue Elementary School – (English) (Spanish)

Phillips Avenue Elementary School – (English) (Spanish)

Riley Avenue Elementary School – (English) (Spanish)

Roanoke Avenue Elementary School – (English) (Spanish)

Riverhead School District – (English) (Spanish)

The NYSED website where all of these reports can be accessed at: https://data.nysed.gov/