Greenidge and Stark Double School Supply Donation at Phillips Avenue

November 10, 2022
Phillips Supplies

Greenidge and Stark Double School Supply Donation at Phillips Avenue

Phillips Avenue Celebrity Alumnus Teams Up with Riverhead CAP

RIVERHEAD, NY (November 2022) — Riverhead CAP once again coordinated a school supply donation for students at Phillips Avenue Elementary School. This year, however, the donation was doubled. CAP President Brian Stark and Ethan Greenidge partnered to purchase over $4,000 worth of needed supplies. According to Stark, it was Greenidge’s idea to double the donation this year. Greenidge is a Riverhead Class of 2015 graduate and an offensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints. He attended Phillips Avenue School as a child and always refers to it as “an amazing experience.”

“To me it’s always important to give back,” said Greenidge. “The town that helped raise you isn’t just a place to grow up and move on from. You go back whenever you can and invest time, love and effort in the people and in their children, because I was once one of them. A kid should just have to worry about being a kid instead of worrying about the school gear, food and other necessities. Kids are innocent, and we have a chance to shape their future if we help them early and let them enjoy growing up in a loving town.”

Greenidge and Stark have partnered in the past to support Phillips Avenue Elementary School students. Last year they provided school supplies and during the COVID-19 pandemic school closure, they donated gift cards to provide groceries to needy families.

Principal Dr. Stephen Hudson said that Phillips Avenue Elementary School was filled with gratitude. “We cannot thank New Orleans Saints football player Ethan Greenidge, and CAP Board President Brian Stark for this amazing and generous donation. The $4,000 donation provided many school supplies for every student at Phillips Avenue Elementary School. Your continued support of Phillips Avenue, and the entire school district is more appreciated then we are able to express.”

“Ethan and I have always supported our kids since I coached him at Riverhead High School,” added Brian Stark. “He gives back and then some. He’s grateful for the support he got and pays it forward. We have increased our donation this year because it directly impacts an acute need. It’s a good feeling.”

Ethan’s parents, Xann and Robin Greenidge, were once again on hand for the donation. “Our family is so honored to be a part of this community!” said Xann Greenidge, Ethan’s mother. “Every year we try to see where we can help, especially in the beginning of the school year. Things have gotten so expensive and for families at Phillips; not worrying worrying is something we wanted to help with! I’m glad our community came together and we were able to make sure these kids didn’t have to be concerned  about not having what they needed  for school.”

Riverhead CAP has provided prevention and counseling services at Phillips Avenue Elementary School since 1990. CAP has a social worker placed at Phillips Avenue Elementary School school three days a week.


Phillips Supplies

Students from Phillips Avenue Elementary School with some of the donated school supplies, along with (from left) Assistant Principal Alison Conroy, CAP President Brian Stark, Xann and Robin Greenidge and Principal Dr. Stephen Hudson.