New Riverhead Staff Enhance Their Skills to Benefit Students

September 9, 2022

New Riverhead Staff Enhance Their Skills to Benefit Students

The District Creates a More Cohesive Community with the New Professionals Institute

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 2022) — Riverhead Central School District presented an innovative approach to welcoming new staff in their three-day program, the New Professionals Institute (NPI), held this past August. The NPI cultivated the skills and district-familiarity of all staff members starting at the district in the past two years. Participants ranged from teachers to guidance counselors to administrators to nurses.

“Ensuring the highest quality academics and social development for our students begins with the staff that mentors and assists them every day,” said Riverhead Central School District Superintendent Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore. “It is crucial to our district that all of our professionals receive the development, opportunities and camaraderie that improve our schools and enhance our students’ ability to thrive in a nurturing and enjoyable environment.”

The program kicked off with a presentation from Dr. Lori Koerner, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Elementary Education and organizer of the NPI, championing the creation of strong support systems for students that are backed by strong professional engagement. This was followed by an impressive schedule of skill-building workshops, department and program introductions, mentoring initiatives, group enhancement activities and familiarization with Google Classroom, Gradebook and other technology-based tools.

The three-day program also provided time for new staff to meet and socialize with one another. This encouraged them to not only collaborate on group activities and exchange mentoring tips but to mingle with each other as well. It can be daunting entering a new building, but the program allowed the Riverhead Central School District staff to start the year with familiar faces throughout the district and in their respective buildings.

“We have been so excited to provide this opportunity to enhance our staff’s professional development and bring them together as a community,” said Dr. Koerner. “It strengthens our district and improves the quality of education and support our students receive.”

Additional photos are on the Riverhead CSD Facebook here.



Staff find camaraderie as they prepare for the New Professionals Institute


The administration welcomes new staff


Staff listening to a presentation from Dr. Lori Koerner


Staff collaborating during a workshop


Staff excited to begin the new year


Staff eagerly work on their professional development


Staff working together to improve their skills