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Throwing Clay Inspires Riverhead HS Student

Throwing Clay Inspires Riverhead HS Student  thumbnail146660
When Riverhead High School senior Perrin Toole enrolled in one of her school’s ceramics classes during her junior year, she never thought it would inspire her to pursue a career in art. 

Ceramics was not something Toole thought would be of interest to her, but her art teacher urged her to take the class. She was glad she did — she fell in love with the craft right away. Toole now takes not only the school’s new Advanced Ceramics course, but also a ceramics class outside of school. She has made a variety of pieces, including a vase and countless bowls, and recently designed a 3D Christmas tree. 

“It’s just so relaxing and satisfying,” she said. “I love how when you throw it, it all stays in one place.”

Toole plans to expand upon her artistic ability in other media. This semester, she is enrolled in filming and computer graphics classes at her school. She believes a well-rounded course load will help advance her goal of becoming an art teacher one day.