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A Day of Play

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To foster collaboration and social interaction, schools in the Riverhead Central School District participated in Global Play Day on Feb. 5. 

As part of the initiative, students were encouraged to bring toys and games to school and simply play with their classmates. Throughout the day, smiling elementary students played with Legos and play dough, built pretend restaurants, and constructed paper airplanes and dogs to care for. Older students played Uno and various board games, and high schoolers participated in a French class-themed game of Headbands and Scrabble. High school science students also got in on the action, playing a game of Pictionary using scientific terms.  

The full-day event was brought to the district last year by the third grade team at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School in hopes that it would inspire families to plan for more unstructured play time during non-school hours while also developing students’ social and imaginative skills.    

“You truly are never too old to play,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Aurelia Henriquez. “As we continue to support the needs of the whole student, play is a critical part of learning.”