PTSO/PTO Officers

You can also check your school’s contact page for the most up-to-date information or call the main office.


Jasmin Corwin – Co-President
Kristin Fox – Co-President
Jami Welsh – Secretary
Karri-Lynn Dennis – Treasurer
Christina Falcetta – Dual Language Support

Phillips Avenue

Becky Collins – Co-President and Treasurer
Katrina Koplinka – Co-President
Jennifer Holmes – Vice President
Laura Niewadomski – Co-Secretary
Kelly Rand – Co-Secretary

Roanoke Avenue

Karma Marshall – Co-President
Tracy Haugland – Co-President
Paul Pettersen – Vice President
Jennifer Boese – Secretary
Nidia Applin – Treasurer
Geraldine Garcia – Cultural Rep

Riley Avenue

Kari Von Voigt – President
Alana Philcox – Vice President
Heather McCue – Treasurer
Ashley Schmitt – Recording Secretary
Irene Fisher – Corresponding Secretary
Lauren Heller – Fundraising Coordinator
Thais Blando – Event Coordinator
Riley PARA Website
Email: RileyPARA@gmail.com

Pulaski Street

Kristen Realander – President
Traci Zambriski – Co-Vice President
Joanne Armstrong – Co-Vice President
Nicole Ward – Treasurer
Email: pulaskistreetpto@gmail.com


Kristin Hughes – Co-President
Melissa Zaleski – Co-President
Amanda Golz – Secretary
Email: rmspto3@gmail.com


Kristin North-Hughes – President
Melissa Zaleski – Vice President
Robin D’Andrea – Secretary
Amanda Golz – Treasurer

If you would like to contact the RHS PTSO, send an email to riverheadhighschoolptso@gmail.com and come to their meetings.

The PTSO encourages both students and parents to attend their meetings, which will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the library at the High School.


Virginia Scudder – President
Susana Quiros – Vice President