Peer Mediators Sworn In

June 9, 2021

Thirty-seven Pulaski Street Elementary School student were recently sworn in as peer mediators during a virtual and in-person ceremony after completing an extensive peer mediation training.

“By learning how to mediate, you are giving all students at Pulaski Street School a new opportunity to talk out their problems, create their own solutions and choose resolutions that best fit their needs,” Principal Patrick Burke said during the ceremony.

Prior to being sworn in, the students met virtually and in person with advisor Amelia Estevez Creedon to practice mediation skills. They engaged in problem-solving through role play and deciding on win-win solutions. Many of the students have already begun mediating and resolving issues in school.

“The students are happy to acquire these mediation skills, which they can utilize in their personal lives as well as at school,” said Estevez Creedon.