Principal for a Day at Aquebogue

October 16, 2020

Four hardworking students at Aquebogue Elementary School in the Riverhead Central School District recently earned the opportunity to serve as principal of their school for a day after winning a book reading contest.

To earn the position, each student was required to read 1,000 minutes over the summer and keep track of their progress on a chart that they returned to school in September. All students who completed 1,000 minutes of reading were then entered into a “principal for a day” drawing.

The winners for Cohort 1, Machaela McGrady and Ariella Zacena, were celebrated on Oct. 13. As principals, the students visited with a virtual second grade class, learned how to use walkie-talkies and held a meeting with interim Superintendent Christine Tona where they discussed what makes their school special.

Cohort 2 winners Ryan Shields and McKayla Bozza-Carroll served in their principal positions on Oct. 15. They visited a kindergarten classroom and complimented the students, met with nursing and security staff, and wrote a script and filmed a short video encouraging next summer’s readers to accept the 1,000 minute reading challenge.