Pulaski Contributes to the Community with Cerealsly Fun Dominoes

April 11, 2023
Cereal 2

Pulaski Contributes to the Community with Cerealsly Fun Dominoes

Students Use Cereal Box Collection to Create a Domino Effect and Send Ripples of Kindness to Others

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK (APRIL 2023) — Pulaski Street Intermediate School students recently participated in an enjoyable and impactful community service project organized by one of their peers. Dailyn Romano, a fifth-grade student, generated the idea of collecting cereal boxes to create a massive domino effect and then donating the boxes to Branches Long Island, naming the project Cerealsly Fun Dominoes.

“This was a fantastic event the students truly enjoyed,” said Riverhead Central School District Superintendent Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore. “We are so proud that our students are taking the initiative to start projects that meaningfully help our community and demonstrate how service coincides with academic excellence and fun.”

Students excitedly brought in cereal boxes, fueled further by the promise of an ice cream party for the winning class. In total, the school collected approximately 225 boxes of cereal. One hundred twenty of the boxes came from Traci Zambriski’s sixth grade class, making them the collection contest winners. One of Ms. Zambriski’s students, Marco Boch, was especially committed to this great cause, donating 90 boxes of cereal.

Before the boxes were picked up by Branches Long Island, students gathered to create their epic domino effect. Faculty and staff joined them in an enthusiastic countdown as the domino effect was set in motion and completed successfully.

“Our students had an amazing time and contributed to a great cause,” said Pulaski Street Intermediate School Principal Patrick Burke. “Branches Long Island was truly grateful for the donations, and we look forward to continuing this partnership.”


Cereal 1

Pulaski Street Elementary School students begin creating their cereal box domino effect

Cereal 2

The Branches Long Island bus arrives to collect the donated cereal boxes

Cereal 3

The Branches Long Island bus is filled with donated cereal boxes