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The Special Education Department

The Special Education Department is committed to ensuring that special education remains a service to those who need additional support and that our District never becomes a place where our students feel isolated or excluded from opportunities within our school’s community. The Riverhead Central School District promotes every student’s academic, physical, social and emotional growth in a safe, nurturing environment and strives to provide every student with an opportunity to develop all aspects of their character to the fullest potential.


In accordance with federal and state regulations, the Riverhead Central School District provides appropriate special education services to students with educational disabilities. Any parent/guardian who suspects that their child may have an educational disability may make a written referral to their school’s principal or to the Director and/or Assistant Director of Special Education.

The Special Education Office provides a full range of services to all children ages 3 to 21 who have been identified and evaluated in accordance with IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act; PL.94-142). 


Colin Palmer

Melissa DeRosa - Director of Special Education

Phone: 631-369-6802

Brian Connelly

Daria Hagemeyer - Assistant Director of Special Education

Phone: 631-369-6719

Virginia Healy

Matthew Prahl - Assistant to the Director

Phone: 631-369-7515

Virginia Healy

Naiade Dourado - 9-12 Facilitator

Phone: 631-369-7511