CPSE and CSE Referrals

What is the CPSE?

The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) are Special Education Programs and Services that the County provides to eligible children between the ages of 3-5 years of age.  Any child residing in the Riverhead Central School District, and is suspected of having a developmental delay, can be referred to the CPSE.  Eligibility as a preschool student with a disability shall be based on the results of an individual evaluation which is provided in the student’s native language, not dependent on a single procedure, and administered by a multidisciplinary team. If the CPSE committee identifies a child as having a disability due to mental, physical or emotional reasons, the child will receive the appropriate educational opportunities from special programs and services approved by the department.   

What is the CSE?

The Committee on Special Education (CSE) is a group of professionals, parents, and students (when appropriate) who meet to make decisions regarding the special education needs of school-age students. The primary function of a CSE is to identify, evaluate, review the status of, and make recommendations concerning the appropriate educational placement of each child with a disability. After a Committee on Special Education has reviewed evaluations and all information pertaining to the students individualized academic, social/emotional, physical and management needs,  recommendations of the Special Education programs, services and placements both within the district and outside of the district are implemented by the Board of Education within a timely manner. Each student’s progress is reviewed at least annually to determine continued eligibility for such services. Decisions made by the CSE are legal mandates and must be followed by all school personnel.

Notice to parents about Special Education services 

If you suspect that your child may have a physical, cognitive, or emotional disability, you have the right to refer your child to the District’s Committee on Special Education for an evaluation. An Initial meeting will be held which includes all necessary members of the Committee on Special Education. A  determination, using the necessary data, will be used in order for the committee to determine whether your child is eligible to receive special education services and/or programs.  For more information regarding your rights is set forth in the New York State Education Department’s please refer to the Parent’s Guide to Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3-21, available at below. 

  • Link to CSE Manual for Parents (Coming soon) 
  • Safeguard Procedures in Spanish and English (Coming soon) 


No IEP plan will be<br />
Recommended/<br />
Implemented<br />
Parent Consent to<br />
Evaluate was<br />
received<br />
YES<br />
Eligible<br />
NOT<br />
Eligible<br />
CPSE/CSE Initial<br />
Eligibility<br />
Determination Meeting<br />
Evaluation<br />
Re-evaluation<br />
every 3 years<br />
Annual Review<br />
within one year of<br />
504 Plan<br />
Recommendation/<br />
implementation of<br />
IEP Plan<br />
CPSE/CSE Referral Process<br />
Referral<br />
Within 60<br />
calendar days<br />
of evaluation<br />
consent being<br />
received<br />
General Education<br />
Services and Interventions<br />
will be considered as<br />
and/or recommended