Required Employee Electronic Notices & Documents

NYS Labor Law Section 194 Equal Pay Provision LS603
NYS Labor Law Section 195.1 Wage Theft Prevention P715
NYS Minimum Wage Notice
NYS Unemployment Insurance Notice IA 133 
OSHA Job Safety Health (Spanish)
OSHA Job Safety Health
Pay transparency (English)
Public Work Project
Public Employees Job Safety Health Protection
Restrictions on Consecutive Hours of Work for Nurses
Retaliatory Action by Employers LS 740
Right to Know
Sexual Harassment Policy 0110.2-E
Sexual Harassment Policy 0110.2-R
Sexual Harassment Policy 0110
Sexual Harassment Policy 0110-R
Sexual Harassment Prevention 
USDOL Wages and Hour Department
Veterans Benefits and Services
Wage Theft Protection Act
Article 23-A Criminal Convictions Records
Child Labor Law
Construction Industry Fair Play Act
Correction Law Article 23a
Deduction from Wages
Division of Human Rights
EEOC Know Your Rights
EEOC KnowYourRights (Spanish)
Employee Rights under the Davis-Bacon Act
Employee Rights under the H-2A Program – English
Employee Rights Under the H-2A Program – Spanish
Employee Rights under the National Labor Relations Act
Equal Pay Provision of the New York State Labor Law
FMLA Right to Know
Guidelines Notice Requirements IS-606 Sick Leave Vacation Personal Leave Holiday and Hours
Notice of Employee Rights Protections and Obligations
NYS-DOL Guidelines Regarding Rights of Nursing Mothers in the Workplace LS702
NYS DOL Job Safety and Health Protection P208
NYS Human Rights Law Article 15
NYS Labor Law Section 144 Permitted Working Hours for Minors