Riley Avenue Hosts Science Fair

May 18, 2022

Riley Avenue Elementary School recently hosted its science fair, and the first-place science fair winners will now go on to compete in Brookhaven National Laboratory’s 2022 Elementary Science Fair Competition.

Riley Avenue displayed all the science fair entries in the cafeteria for all students to see throughout the week.

The following students were first-place winners in their grade. Kacey Stidd’s project was “Do Dogs Have a Favorite Color?”, first grade winner Hanna D’Alsace’s project was “Infiltration,” second grade winner Kaitlyn Witt’s project was “The Dirtiest Object is…,” third grade winner Raymond Kreiger’s project was “Start Stackin” and fourth grade winner Caoimhe Leonard’s project was “Dogs vs. People.”

Pictured left to right: First-place winners Caoimhe Leonard (grade 4), Raymond Kreiger (grade 3), Kaitlyn Witt (grade 2), Hanna D’Alsace (grade 1), Kacey Stidd (grade K).

Date Added: 5/18/2022