Riverhead Begins the School Year with an Exciting Approach

September 19, 2022
Supt. Conference 1

Riverhead Begins the School Year with an Exciting Approach

The District’s Superintendent’s Conference Day Promoted Wellness, Leadership and Academic Empowerment

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 2022) — Riverhead Central School District engaged in a unique approach to Superintendent’s Conference Day, running a two-day camp for staff prior to the start of the school year. This approach focused on preparing the District for students while simultaneously enhancing the development of staff through workshops, keynote speakers and a focus on creating supportive and successful environments for staff and students.

“We have found that a highly focused staff camp best engages everyone present and ensures that they strengthen their abilities to educate and mentor our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore. “Rather than just going through an array of slides and protocol, staff had the opportunity to enjoy the interactive approach and achieve the core mission of the camp: balancing wellness, leading and learning. Through this mission, we can bolster a nurturing and inspiring environment that encourages our students’ academic and social success.”

Staff entered the first day of the camp to a fantastic performance by the Riverhead High School band, producing a positive energy that permeated throughout both days of the camp. Staff proceeded to participate in an array of exciting workshops, many of which were run by their peers, cultivating both their skills and an air of togetherness. Staff were amazed by the beneficial and engaging conversations they had with one another, and all felt a sense of teamwork and community that is sure to extend throughout the school year.

Each day of the camp also featured a keynote speaker. Mark Marino, an expert on wellness, was the keynote speaker on the first day. He worked with staff on developing a positive proactive mindset to find solutions for success, and he was astounded by the Riverhead Central School District staff and their ability to empower students to be future leaders. Colin Seale, founder and CEO of thinkLaw, was the second day’s keynote speaker. His presentation, titled “Raising Critical Thinkers,” focused on how staff can promote their students’ critical thinking skills, proclivity for academic engagement inside and outside the classroom and desire to thrive as leaders. He also spoke about the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion—often referred to as DEI.

“Developing our staff is key to producing District, community and student success,” said Dr. Lori Koerner, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Elementary Education. “If we help staff foster a supportive community and obtain a balance between wellness, leading and learning, they will enable the students to do the same.”

The Superintendent’s Conference Day camp was an incredible start to the school year, providing a foundation that empowers staff and students to obtain personal balance and achievement.

Additional photos are on the Riverhead CSD Facebook here.


Supt. Conference 1

Superintendent Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore speaks to the Riverhead Central School District staff on the first day of Superintendent’s Conference Day

Supt. Conference 2

Dr. Lori Koerner and Dr. William Galati welcome everyone

Supt. Conference 3

Keynote speaker Mark Marino presents to the Riverhead Central School District staff

Supt. Conference 4

Superintendent Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore and the NJROTC commence Superintendent’s Conference Day

Supt. Conference 5

The Riverhead Central School District staff listens intently to keynote speaker Mark Marino

Supt. Conference 6

Superintendent Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore excited for Superintendent’s Conference Day to initiate an incredible school year to come

Supt. Conference 7

The Riverhead High School band plays to welcome staff to Superintendent’s Conference Day