Riverhead Central School District Launches Elementary Guidance Program

November 17, 2021

To provide the greatest educational experience and learning opportunities for students across the district, the Riverhead Central School District welcomed two new elementary school counselors this school year who will work in its new Elementary Guidance Program.

Michelle Chiarulli and Nicole Gigante are the newest additions to the Riverhead guidance department and have been working in elementary buildings throughout the district as an additional resource for students K-6. As part of their work in the school buildings, the esteemed counselors lead students through social and emotional learning activities and introduce students to college opportunities and career awareness. During these activities the counselors focus on students’ ability to identify feelings and develop beneficial coping skills and strategies to help achieve their highest academic potential.

“We are greatly indebted to both Superintendent of Schools Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore, as well as the Riverhead Central School District Board of Education for the approval and hiring of two new full-time school counselors in order to launch our Elementary Guidance Program,” Charles Gassar, director of school counseling, said. “This is an incredibly worthwhile investment in the future of the district and that of our children. It is sure to bring long-term benefits regarding our students’ emotional well-being and academic preparedness for years to come.”

Through the launch of the Elementary Guidance Program, the new elementary counselors have been supporting students in classroom lessons and individual meetings, focusing on a whole child approach to ensure students are excelling academically, socially and behaviorally while also preparing them for their move to middle school.