Riverhead CSD Bond Vote • Tuesday, Feb. 25 Building Our District’s Future Together

February 11, 2020

The Riverhead CSD Board of Education and administration would like to remind all residents that the district will be holding its bond vote on Tuesday, Feb. 25, from 6 a.m-9 p.m.

There are two separate bond propositions and each proposition requires a separate vote. This is a very important time for the future of the Riverhead Central School District and all residents are encouraged to vote.

“The Board of Education and administration believe that the proposed bond represents the input we received from the community, the priorities identified by the district’s architect, and facilities improvements that will benefit all students now and into the future,” said Board of Education President Gregory Meyer. “We believe now is the right time to present this fiscally responsible bond to the community, so that everyone will have a voice in deciding our district’s future. Please remember to vote on Tuesday, Feb. 25.”

Proposition No. 1 will fund repairs and renovations districtwide to address the district’s spatial needs; overcrowding and enrollment growth; safety and security enhancements; Americans With Disabilities Act compliance issues; repairs/renovations to bathrooms and HVAC systems; and repair/replacement of sidewalks districtwide as needed.

Proposition No. 2 will fund the McKillop Field synthetic turf conversion; stadium track and field; varsity baseball field and softball field relocation; multiuse courts at Pulaski Street Elementary School and Riverhead Middle School; parking expansion and bus parking area at Pulaski Street Elementary School; improvements to the Riverhead Middle School baseball field; and improvements to the fairgrounds entrance. It is important to note that Proposition No. 2, even if approved by voters, will not move forward unless Proposition No. 1 is also approved.

For more information about the bond and voting locations, visit the district’s website at www.www.riverhead.net.