Riverhead Fourth Grade Peacemakers Inspire Kindness in Their School Community

February 16, 2022

The Riverhead Central School District’s Community Awareness Program is facilitated by the elementary school social worker who leads the Peacemakers group at both Phillips Avenue and Roanoke Avenue elementary schools. The Peacemakers group is composed of fourth grade students who exemplify kindness, support to others and leadership as members of this antibullying group.

The program empowers these students to act as role models for other students and help spread the message of no bullying and kindness. This year, the Peacemakers made antibullying posters for the school, read the book “The Juice Box Bully” to each class and, most recently, participated in The Great Kindness Challenge’s Kindness Week by writing thank-you cards for all of the teachers in their schools and encouraged their peers to get involved and inspired by the Kindness Wall in their cafeterias.

Date Added: 2/16/2022