Riverhead High School Announces Top 20 Academic Students from Class of 2024

April 10, 2024
RHS Top 20

Riverhead High School Announces Top 20 Academic Students from Class of 2024

John McCormick and Ethan Caskie Named Valedictorian and Salutatorian, Respectively

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK (APRIL 2024)—Riverhead High School has announced the top 20 academic students in the class of 2024. John McCormick is the valedictorian, and Ethan Caskie is the salutatorian.

“We continue to be impressed by the academic excellence and growth of our students,” said Riverhead Central School District Interim Superintendent Cheryl Pedisich. “We congratulate these 20 students on the learning and success they have achieved in our schools and, as always, look forward to continuing our support for their post-graduation pursuits.”

The academic ranking of students is determined by weighted GPA. More rigorous courses receive higher weighting. Non-regents and non-college electives courses are weighted 1.0, regents courses are weighted 1.04, honors courses are weighted 1.08, and AP and dual enrollment courses are weighted 1.18.

The following are the corresponding academic rankings of the top 20 Riverhead High School students in the class of 2024:

  1. John McCormick
  2. Ethan Caskie
  3. David Brzozowski
  4. Kiara Chabla Sarmiento
  5. Connor Bobinski
  6. Kristen Golyski
  7. Marieline Amaya
  8. Benjamin Dono
  9. Jamie Ellwood
  10. Tifany Perez
  11. Morgan Stromski
  12. Daniel Healy
  13. Alexandra Hoverkamp
  14. Hiranya Gunasingha
  15. Jasmine Alvarado
  16. Wesley Keating
  17. James Hise
  18. Benjamin Caskie
  19. Alexandra Santoro
  20. Griffin Sumwalt.


RHS Top 20

Riverhead High School’s top 20 academic students