Riverhead High School Names Top 20 Students in Class of 2022

April 11, 2022

Riverhead High School recently named the Top 20 students of the graduating Class of 2022. The students who make up the top 20 have exhibited an outstanding commitment to educational excellence during their time at Riverhead High School.

“I am so tremendously proud of these students,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore. “Their dedication to academics truly shines through this great accomplishment.”

Besides their tremendous academic accolades, many of these students are also enrolled in a number of challenging Advanced Placement courses, compete as members of athletic teams, serve as members of clubs and perform in groups throughout the district.

1. Riley Wendt
2. Alvin Levik
3. Grace Dono
4. Emma Eager
5. James Ryan
6. Angelina Maligres
7. Kaya Payton
8. Tamara Meneses
9. Ahmed Mohammad
10. Scott Kamm
11. Sean Gellner
12. Ava Lily Sumwalt
13. Emily Lewin
14. Alexander Golyski
15. Riley Dunbar
16. Justin Mason
17. Alyssa Warnken
18. Emily Amaya
19. Cole Chapman
20. Clark Fischer

Date Added: 4/11/2022