Riverhead Musicians Named to Ensembles

February 1, 2021

The Riverhead Central School District is pleased to announce that several students have been named to several prestigious county, state and regional music ensembles.

“We are so proud of these students for all their hard work and dedication to music,” said Jason Rottkamp, director of fine arts.

The district extends its congratulations to the following students:

Pulaski Street Elementary School — SCMEA Division 1 East
Jason Brabant , Chorus, Children’s Voice
Natalia Owadally, Band, Percussion
Summer Realander, Band, Bb Clarinet
Rose Ruland, Orchestra, Violin
Isabel Stein, Chorus, Children’s Voice
Cyril Turner, Band, Bb Clarinet

Riverhead Middle School — SCMEA Division 2 East
Cadence Cali, Band, Bb Clarinet
Elizabeth Coppi, Orchestra, Violin
Anna Lee Fischer, Chorus, Alto
Macklin Jordan, Band, Trombone
Noah Lake, Chorus, Baritone
Gianna Miller, Orchestra, Double Bass
Olivia Pluschau, Chorus, Children’s Voice
Parker Roppelt, Band, Tenor Sax
Christian Seymour, Band, Alto Sax
Olivia Sulzer, Chorus, Children’s Voice
Luciano Vene, Orchestra, Double Bass

Riverhead High School — SCMEA Division 3 East
Aela Bailey, Band, Bass Clarinet
Christopher Carver, Band, Baritone/Euphonium
Leah Cote, Chorus, Alto
Emma Ellis, Band, Flute
Bryan Enos, Orchestra, Trombone
Emily Flores, Orchestra, Violin
Lillian Garcia, Orchestra, Cello
Rose Green, Orchestra, Violin
Sarah Halsey, Chorus , Soprano
Abigail Heck, Band, Bb Clarinet
Angelina Maligres, Orchestra, Cello
Olivia Meyer, Chorus, Soprano
Joseph Podlas, Chorus, Tenor
Alexandra Santoro, Band, Bb Clarinet
Morgan Stromski, Orchestra, Viola
Riley Wendt, Orchestra, Percussion

Riverhead High School — NYSCAME All-County
Quinnlan Bailey, Orchestra, Trombone
Nathaniel Bollermann, Orchestra, Cello
Lauren Enos, Orchestra, Bb Clarinet
William Green, Band, Timpani
Ethan Lucas, Chorus, Tenor 1
Brianna Marichal, Chorus, Soprano 1
Jacob Schiavone, Chorus, Tenor 1
Gabriela Vogel, Chorus, Soprano 2

Riverhead High School — NYSBDA
Quinnlan Bailey, Band, Trombone 1
Bryan Enos, Band, Trombone 1
Riley Wendt, Band, Percussion

Riverhead High School — SCMEA All-County Jazz
Quinnlan Bailey, Jazz, Trombone
Nathaniel Bollerman, Jazz, Baritone Saxophone
William Green, Jazz, Drum Set

Riverhead High School — NAfME All-Eastern
Lauren Enos, Band, Clarinet 1