Riverhead PE Teacher Kicks off Cancer Awareness Campaign

October 23, 2020

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Aquebogue Elementary School physical education teacher Cherese Hinckson has commenced two cancer awareness projects in conjunction with her fellow educators.

Throughout October, students across the Riverhead School District’s elementary schools are participating in a 50,000 Burpees for Cancer Awareness campaign. During their physical education classes, in-person and virtual students are being challenged to complete as many burpees as they can in a given time period, based on their age. With the help of their gym teachers, they are logging their burpees, which are then displayed on a thermometer graph at Aquebogue Elementary School. Their cumulative goal is to hit the 50,000 mark.

“The purpose is to bring awareness, through exercise, of how important it is to fight [cancer],” Hinckson said of the campaign. “Each burpee will show the strength of our students while representing those that are suffering from this disease.”

The district’s elementary students and staff are also participating in a dedication ribbon project throughout the month. Participants receive a lavender paper ribbon, representing all cancers, that they can decorate and inscribe with the names of anyone they know who has been affected by cancer. Once complete, the ribbons will be displayed in Aquebogue’s main hallway.