Riverhead Schools Reimagine Learning Through Makerspaces

May 2, 2022

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore has been excited to encourage and further develop the makerspace movement throughout the Riverhead Central School District. His vision is to provide as many 21st Century Learning opportunities as possible for our students at Riverhead.

Director of Technology Robert Hines and library media specialists across the district visited with Mr. David Ecker, the director of iCreate. iCreate is a department under the Division of Information Technology at Stony Brook University that supports the fostering of innovative technologies through labs that spark innovation and design in a hands-on environment. Educational makerspaces embrace the power of collaboration, exploration and learning through inquiry.

The team was able to view the Stony Brook spaces and imagine how the schools could incorporate this hands-on learning in their library and technology spaces. Currently, the library media specialists are evaluating their maker or traditional spaces and determining how to design or augment their libraries to support this endeavor. Makerspaces enable learners to create new knowledge through access to resources, information, ideas and technology. The team is excited to recreate these spaces to foster mental rigor, meaningful learning opportunities to challenge students in the design and problem-solving process and encourage computational thinking.
Date Added: 5/2/2022