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AES photoAquebogue Elementary School


PO Box 1200 - 499 Main Road
Aquebogue, NY 11931
Telephone: 631.369.6780
Fax: 631.369.0543

Aquebogue T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More)

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Principal: Bryan Miltenberg
Assistant Principal: Gary Karlson

Director of Security: Terry Culhane



Aquebogue Elementary School serves students in Kindergarten through fourth grade in the Riverhead Central School District. Our school is committed to being a supportive, nurturing environment in which students learn to overcome challenges and thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.

We are proud of the exceptionally strong instruction and support we provide not just in the general education classroom but also in special education, English as a New Language, and reading, as well as through the work of our psychologist, social workers, nurse, and speech, physical, and occupational therapists. 


Current News

Arctic Animal Experts

Arctic Animal Experts photo thumbnail161746

Dressed in polar bear hats and white shirts, kindergartners at Aquebogue Elementary School displayed their knowledge of the Arctic during a culminating “Pat the Polar Bear” show, starring Principal Bryan Miltenberg and Assistant Principal Gary Karlson. 

The interactive show capped off the students’ learning about polar bears and their environment, habitats and life cycles through interdisciplinary lessons and report writing.

During the show, students were encouraged to help Pat the Polar Bear, who has been living in the basement of Aquebogue Elementary School, assimilate back into his natural habitat by providing him with vital information about the Arctic. By the time the students had shared all the information they had learned, Pat was prepared to head back to his home up north. 


Follow the sensory path

Follow the sensory path   thumbnail161742
Follow the sensory path  2 thumbnail161743
Follow the sensory path  3 thumbnail161744
Follow the sensory path  4 thumbnail161745
A new, colorful sensory path at Aquebogue Elementary School is providing students with an outlet during the school day where they can jump, spin, squat and hop.

The path, which runs down one of the school’s main hallways, was spearheaded by teacher Susan Leyhane and not only offers physical activity, but also academic content. Students can work on their letters and numbers as they make their way down the path. 

Empoderando a los estudiantes para "share it” (compartirlo)

Empoderando a los estudiantes para "share it” (compartirlo)
Riverhead CSD implementa la plataforma de informes anónimos Shareit

El Distrito Escolar Central de Riverhead continúa sus esfuerzos para garantizar que nuestra comunidad escolar se sienta segura y respaldada mediante la implementación de Shareit, una plataforma de informes anónimos.

"La seguridad es la principal preocupación de nuestra junta de educación y administración", dijo la superintendente de escuelas la Dra. Aurelia Henríquez. “Shareit permite a nuestra comunidad escolar -estudiantes, facultad, personal, padres y residentes- una oportunidad para compartir comentarios positivos sobre el ambiente escolar y hablar sobre la seguridad y las preocupaciones relacionadas con el bienestar en un ámbito no amenazante. Continuaremos investigando los programas que mejor se adapten a nuestra población estudiantil y promuevan la seguridad y el bienestar ".

Aunque los usuarios pueden informar problemas conocidos o compartir noticias positivas de forma anónima, la plataforma ofrece la opción de identificarse. Una vez que se presenta un informe, se envía directamente a los funcionarios escolares para su revisión, y se tomarán las medidas apropiadas.

El widget Shareit se puede encontrar en la esquina inferior derecha del sitio web del distrito,, así como en la página web de cada escuela.

Empowering students to ‘share it’

Empowering students to ‘share it’
Riverhead CSD implements anonymous reporting platform Shareit

The Riverhead Central School District is continuing its efforts to ensure our school community feels safe and supported by implementing Shareit, an anonymous reporting platform.

“Safety is the number one concern of our board of education and administration,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Aurelia Henriquez said. “Shareit allows our school community – students, faculty, staff, parents and residents – an opportunity to share positive feedback on school climate and speak out about safety, security and wellness-related concerns in a non-threatening arena. We will continue to research programs that best fit our student population and promote safety and wellness.”

Although users can report known issues or share positive news on an anonymous basis, the platform does offer the option to identify oneself. Once a report is submitted, it is sent directly to school officials for review, and appropriate action will occur.

The Shareit widget can be found in the lower right corner of the district’s website,, as well as on each individual school webpage.

Principals Build Up Classroom Character

Principals Build Up Classroom Character thumbnail159072
Principals Build Up Classroom Character2 thumbnail159073
Principals Build Up Classroom Character3 thumbnail159074
Principals Build Up Classroom Character4 thumbnail159075
Principals Build Up Classroom Character5 thumbnail159077
To boost Aquebogue Elementary School’s character education program, Principal Bryan Miltenberg and Assistant Principal Gary Karlson have been bringing monthly character trait learning to life by visiting classrooms to read books and host discussions.

During the month of November, for example, students learning about the character trait of caring listened to their principals read “A Sick Day for Amos McGee” by Philip C. Stead. The reading was followed by a talk about what it means to look out for others. In December, when character education focused on teamwork, students listened to a reading of “The Crayon Box that Talked” by Shane Derolf and had a dialogue about how working as a team makes a group stronger.

“It’s wonderful to be able to connect the traits we promote in our school to characters in books that kids love,” said Miltenberg. “The read-aloud is the beginning of a conversation about what it means to embody various character traits.”

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