Riley Avenue has a strong cultural arts committee which offers programming that stimulates student interest in the arts through programs like the Author or Artist in Residence program. All areas of the curriculum celebrate student learning: social studies and science lessons, class-to-class reading and math buddies, a schoolwide art show, publishing parties and celebrations and many, many community partnerships provide safety programs and service learning experiences.

Many of Riley’s parents bring their expertise into the classroom to provide enrichment to the curriculum through special reading and writing programs or through some application of their scientific knowledge. The Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) Week is a fun reading event that usually occurs in March.

Riley’s Before School Childcare (i.e., Riley’s Kids) program is often the organizing arm that involves the entire school in efforts to reach out to the Riverhead community through clothing and food drives, or special knitting projects for children in the hospital, letters and supplies for soldiers in Iraq, or gift bags for shut-ins.