Riverhead High School Guidance


The school counselor is a certified professional educator who assists students, teachers, parents and administrators. Their role is to help students as they seek to identify and achieve personal goals, and assume rights and responsibilities in various life roles at each developmental stage.

The following functions of the school counselor are developmental and provide impact on all grade levels.

  • Academic Improvement and Planning – Includes the selection of a plan of study, placement into appropriate courses and programs, attendance improvement, study skills development, as well as participation in the CSE process as appropriate.
  • Personal/Social Growth– Includes counseling concerning self-esteem, communication skills, decision making and relationship skills as well as peacemaking prejudice reduction and compassion.
  • Crisis Intervention Services– Includes counseling students in crisis e.g. suicide prevention, child abuse, pregnancy, substance abuse and provides follow up services as appropriate. The counselor plays an integral part in the crisis intervention team.
  • Transition Services– Orients students as they move from grade to grade as well as from school building to school building so as to provide a comfortable and success oriented learning environment.
  • Parent Support– Includes individual conferences and group meetings with parents centered on academic and personal growth of their children. This also includes the referral of students and parents to appropriate specialists.
  • Career Life Planning– Increases student’s awareness of the career and educational planning process as well as the individual careers themselves, and instills in students the values and attitudes necessary for becoming a contributor to their families and society.
  • Consultant– includes serving as a reference and resource on student and school issues for the school psychologists, the school social workers, teachers administrators and the community as well as for local and state agencies, mental health offices/clinics and other professionals designated by parents and/or the school district.


The Riverhead High School Guidance Department has created a series of virtual informational videos for parents and students to better understand the college selection and application process at Riverhead High School. Our specialized presentations are listed below. Simply click on each link to view each video presentation.

The College Application process at Riverhead High School (What students and parents need to know)

The College Application process at Riverhead High School (incl. Spanish subtitles)

Understanding the Common Application

Writing Your College Essay

Scholarship Opportunities for Students (What to know before you apply)

Overview of the NCAA Clearinghouse for Student Athletes

Preparing for Music Auditions and Art Portfolios

Students with Disabilities: Transitioning From High School To College

Upcoming Fall Guidance Events at Riverhead High School:

Coming Soon!

Mr. Charles Gassar

Mary Allen, Kathy Smith and Donna Alfano
Phone Numbers: 369 – 6728 / 6730



Ms. Anastasia Cobis – A – Cichy – Grades 9 thru 12
Mr. Christopher Martin – Cioch – Gellner – Grades 9 thru 12
Ms. Jennifer Boese – George – Lewin – Grades 9 thru 12
Mr. Craig Korobow – Lewis – Oban – Grades 9 thru 12
Ms. Suzanne Maurino – O’Brien – Schultz – Grades 9 thru 12
Ms. Christy Salerno – Sci – Z – Grades 9 thru 12
Ms. Pamela Joyce – A – K (ENL) – Grades 9 thru 12
Ms. Diandra Macias – L – Z (ENL) Grades 9 thru 12

Guidance Fax Number – 631-369-5164


Guidance Counselors are available to help you with the process of becoming career and college ready. Visit them often and attend upcoming events.


Method Test Prep


  • Method Test Prep is an online course that helps students build their math, reading, writing and SAT prep skills. Set up an account at the following link:
  • Students can listen to math, verbal and writing tutorials. Each tutorial is accompanied by a quiz to test student mastery. The program is highly adaptive and keeps track of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Students have access to a large pool of practice questions and receive instant feedback upon completion of each question. Method Test Prep is interactive and time efficient. The website can be accessed at any time from anywhere with internet access.
  • Students are encouraged to log in at: https://quickstart.collegeboard.org/posweb/login.jsp



Naviance has been in existence for several years and is the leading provider for high schools and colleges across the country for sending and receiving college applications, transcripts and letters of recommendation.  It is currently being utilized by the majority of high schools across Long Island.  The program is offered to the entire student body.


Financial Aid

Check Calendar for Financial Aid Nights

Parents are reminded that any student planning on attending college in the fall should file a FASFA after October 1. Learn to file online.


New York State’s College Financial Aid Awareness Network provides financial aid information. For questions about financial aid, either visit the websites listed below OR call 1.888.NYS.HESC (1.888.697.4372)

The New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association (NYSFAAA) was founded in 1968 by a group of people involved in the financial aid process.


HESC is the state agency that helps people pay for college. HESC administers the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), guarantees federal student and parent loans, provides guidance for college planning and provides a highly-rated 529 college savings plan.


The guidance office has a current listing of some websites for various companies that are offering scholarships. SEE THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.