Athletic Opportunities

Athletic Registration

The Riverhead Athletic Department has moved to an online reg­istration system for all Middle School and High School Athletic teams. The online registration makes it easier for the school district and parents to fill out and track information. Please follow the direc­tions below in order to register your student-athlete For a Rank One Sports account, www.rankonesport.com. If you have not al­ready done so, you must confirm with the school nurse that your student-athlete has a valid physical on file ASAP, so that an in-school physical or voucher for a physical with the school doctor in their office can be arranged prior to the start of the season. All student-athletes are considered “out of compliance” until the school nurse reviews their account and clears them. Rank One Sports can be registered from any com­puter or smartphone. After registration, you can download the phone app and manage your family.

Please check the Athletics website, www.riverheadathletics.com, for dates and times.

Once you have created an account, you will be able to electronical­ly sign all form required to participate for Riverhead Athletics.