Private / Parochial School Information

Private & Charter School Transportation Request

Transportation will be provided for all resident students attending private and parochial schools outside the District to a distance not to exceed fifteen (15) miles from the student’s place of residence to the school. The parent or guardian of a parochial, private or Charter school child residing in the Riverhead Central School District who desires their child be transported to a parochial or private school during the next school year should submit proof of residency and fill out the transportation request form at Pupil Personnel no later than April 15th (as per NYS COVID 19 Virus Executive Order, March 2020). of the preceding year, or within thirty days of moving into the District.

Medical Information

As part of a total health program, it is recommended that all children receive an annual medical examination. This is particularly important when a youngster is experiencing educational problems.

Under certain circumstances, the family doctor may deem it necessary for a student to take medication at school. The New York State School Law permits the school to cooperate with the doctor and the parent in administering medication at school. Before this service may be started, written request from the parent and a written request from the doctor, with directions for administering the medication, must be on file in the office of the school nurse.

Under certain circumstances, a student may self-carry emergency medication if a physician determines necessity. Please contact your school nurse for further information regarding this option.