Students Set Out to Solve the World’s Problems

October 29, 2020

As part of a recent library project, Pulaski Street Elementary School students researched world issues they care about and created digital stories that they submitted to Nickelodeon’s and Britannica’s media channels and websites for a chance to be featured.

The project called for students to identify a global issue and, using resources in the school’s virtual reference collection, take a deep dive into the problem. Their research led them to write about the issues and design digital stories.

“The awareness that students can be part of a solution to our global problems is essential,” said library media specialist Amelia Estevez Creedon. “Students need to feel that they can affect change and are not powerless.”

The lesson also focused on the importance of reference material. “One of the most important lessons in library media is that media can be used responsibly to carry impactful messages to the world,” said Creedon. “I want my students to be responsible citizens and participate in a society in an active and productive manner.”