Sunrise Sets Off Senior Year at Riverhead High School

September 20, 2022
Senior Sunrise 1

Sunrise Sets Off Senior Year at Riverhead High School

Seniors Gather for Annual Senior Sunrise to Begin Their Final Year

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 2022) — Seniors at Riverhead High School recently participated in what is now becoming an annual tradition to inaugurate an amazing school year to come: the Senior Sunrise.

“This is the second year the Senior Sunrise has occurred,” said Roberta MacGray, the Class of 2023 advisor. “It is a special moment for all of the seniors to come together to commemorate their time in Riverhead Central School District, and we look forward to continuing the tradition for years to come.”

Students began arriving at 5:45 AM at Riverhead High School on the Friday of their final first week of school to watch the sunrise together on the football field. It serves as a beginning for their senior year, which will be concluded with the watching of the sunset at a local beach on the last day of school. These bookends create a sense of togetherness in the senior class and celebrate their final year in Riverhead Central School District.

Additional photos are on the Riverhead CSD Facebook here.


Senior Sunrise

Riverhead High School’s senior class gathers on the football field to watch the sunrise together

Senior Sunrise 1

Riverhead High School seniors inaugurate the school year by watching the sunrise together

Senior Sunrise 2

Riverhead High School seniors huddle in their blankets to watch the sunrise

Senior Sunrise 3

Riverhead High School seniors excited to start the school year together

Senior Sunrise 4

Riverhead High School seniors sitting together to watch the sunrise