Superintendent Hosts Diversity Roundtable

June 12, 2020

Dr. Aurelia Henriquez, superintendent of the Riverhead Central School District, hosted a virtual superintendent’s roundtable meeting addressing diversity education on June 10. Meeting attendees included high school students, administrators, community advocates and special guest Suffolk County Sheriff Dr. Errol Toulon Jr.

Dr. Toulon began the discussion by speaking of his struggles with racism. Attendees were then encouraged to share their thoughts regarding integration and diversity within the school district. Constructive ideas were put forth, including increasing lessons related to culture and diversity across all grade levels through both existing curriculum and new courses. Also suggested was the creation of peer mentoring programs, where high school students would provide diversity education to younger students.

“We are a diverse school district and that is our strength,” said Dr. Henriquez. “This meeting will help us move ahead and has reinforced the hard work we have yet to do.”