Tech Committee

Current Appointments


Amelia Creedon

Library Media Specialist


Kelly Dillon

Classroom Teacher

The chairperson and secretary are both consulted on Agenda items prior to the meeting and are integral to the effectiveness of our committee meetings. The chairperson facilitates our meetings to helps us move through the agenda and keep our conversations on task. He or she also calls our meetings to order and close. The secretary keenly and accurately takes meeting minutes and posts these minutes on the Tech Committee Website. Also, from time to time, posts approved news, updates and information to the website. These appointments are for 1 year.

Thank you for your service!

The Riverhead Technology Advisory Committee will help create and update the District’s technology goals and objectives. Together we hope to create a better technology future for Riverhead which reflects the goals, ideals and vision of the entire district. As needed we will create subcommittees which will focus on important issues or opportunities for the entire district. These subcommittees will then bring their results back to the main committee for discussion and refinement. Thank you for your commitment to Riverhead Central School District Technology Goals. It is important that at least one member of the BLTC (Building Level Technology Committees) from each building be in attendance.

Also please subscribe to the Technology Committee Google Group by sending an email to techcommittee@g.riverhead.net

Once subscribed you can use the listserv to send information or start a discussion with the entire committee by emailing techcommittee@g.riverhead.net

Vendor Showcase

In order to aid us in the selection of technology items, we are organizing special meetings we are calling vendor showcases. These meetings will be organized to provide Staff with the opportunity to see some of the new technologies we are considering.

January 28th, 2020 Vendor Showcase